The Tarkio College Alumni Association has worked diligently to reopen Tarkio College. Application is being made shortly to the Missouri Department of Higher Education to certify Tarkio College. The application will ask for approval as a two year college directed at meeting some of the unmet educational needs in northwest Missouri, southwest Iowa, southeast Nebraska, and northeast Kansas. The updated mission calls for a commitment to public service, the core of its founder David Rankin’s philosophy. The goals include: a two year general studies transfer program, two year programs in public service, public safety, public administration, health care administration and agricultural management, plus technical certification programs.


A national fund raising firm has been engaged and the process of putting the final pieces together has started. Thanks to all who have stayed with us, and we ask that you keep Tarkio College in your thoughts and prayers.

Below: Campus papers being signed by TCAA president Wayne Gelston, and we now own the campus! Come to Homecoming 2016!!

Wayne Gelston signing paperwork

This Is What We Accomplished in 2012

  1.  All new plumbing has been installed on the first floor
  2.  Floors have been cleaned and polished in the hallway and the chapel
  3.  Most first rooms have been scraped and painted
  4.  Our museum has been moved to the first floor and many of the displays and pictures  are in order
  5.  Trash has been removed
  6.  Shrubbery has been trimmed and removed
  7.  Gutters and downspouts have been cleaned and are functional
  8.  Cement work has been completed on the front steps and around the building
  9.  The Alumni office has been moved to the first floor and Internet and phone  communication has been established
  10.  The front of the building has been power washed
  11.  Mold has been removed
  12.  Dirt has been mounded around the foundation to assist run-off
  13.  Initial restoration of the windows is completed with all of the broken windows being  replaced and the sealing of the one bad chapel window
  14.  Two furnaces have been installed
  15.  The flat roof has been repaired

Things We Have Accomplished In 2013

  1.  Hot water heater installed and lines run to all restrooms and janitor's closet
  2.  Additional toilets installed
  3.  Second furnace installed
  4.  Second air conditioner installed
  5.  Trenching around building completed to assist run-off
  6.  All broken windows replaced
  7.  Painting on outside windows begun
  8.  Restoration of pews and pulpit begun
  9.  Chapel widow restoration begun and Lexan installed
  10.  Back and sides of Chapel stage painted
  11.  Class room readied
  12.  Some additional display cabinets purchased
  13.  Memory Garden installed along with additional landscaping done.

Things We Have Accomplished In 2014

    1.   All pews have been sanded and staining has begun

    2.   Chapel doors have been restored

    3.   Chapel window restoration is complete and Lexan installed on outside for protection

    4.   President's office had been restored and new ceiling fan added

    5.   Break room has been restored and refrigerator added as well as tables and chairs

    6.   A new refrigerator has been added to the “Cook Shack”

    7.   Inner office has been restored also

    8.   New curtain for stage has been installed

    9.   A small stove has been added to the "Cook Shack" along with pans hangers and new           pots and pans. Work shelf has been added.  A large outside grill has been added for             our cooking needs.

    10. Class room restoration continued with white board added along with new tables and chairs


Things We Have Accomplished In 2015

    1.   Air conditioning and furnace have been installed for the Chapel

    2.   A collapsible center staircase has been installed in the Chapel

    3.   Pew restoration has been completed

    4.   A baby grand piano is now available in the Chapel

    5.   A glorious organ has been installed in the Chapel

    6.   Large amounts of brush and weeds have been removed from the center courtyard

    7.   Brush has been removed from outside Thompson Library and new plantings installed

    8.   Clean up has begun in Thompson Library


Things We Have Accomplished In 2016

    1.   A water line has been run from Rankin to Thompson.


Things Yet To Be Accomplished In 2016

    1.   Brush removal from around the science center

    2.   Additional clean up in Thompson

    3.   Two additional rooms in Rankin (first floor) need cleaning, painting etc

    4.   Additional door work in Rankin

    5.   Security system installed in Rankin. 

    6.   ETC, ETC, ETC

We welcome all who can come and work when we call a work week(end).  If you can’t come a particular time, please consider an extra donation to carry us along.  We especially thank those who have come long distances, stayed in motels and been faithful workers on Work Weekends. We thank the locals who give of their time on a daily basis. And we thank those of you who have sent donations and dues to keep us going.


© 2017 Tarkio College Alumni Association
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