Set Fire, Tarkio!

Set Fire, Tarkio!


Set Fire, Tarkio!

Set Fire, Tarkio!


Set Fire, Tarkio!

Set Fire, Tarkio!


Set Fire, Tarkio!

Set Fire, Tarkio!


Set Fire, Tarkio!

Set Fire, Tarkio!



The Tarkio College Board of Directors met June 22, 2018.  At that meeting they adopted the following recommendation from the National Advisory Board:

           Be it known to all people that the Tarkio College Board of Directors has submitted an application to the Department of Higher Education for the State of Missouri and to support the application to assure proper funding to start operations, the Tarkio College National Advisory Board recommends the initiation of a $250,000.00 Founder’s Campaign.  We seek a motion of approval. The Founder’s Campaign is not part of the overall funding strategy; rather it is a definitive starting point to provide the funds necessary to gain certification and to attract other potential donors to the general campaign. It shows the commitment of those who care deeply about the future of Tarkio College.

In addition to passing this recommendation, the Board also voted to establish an escrow account to protect larger donations.  This is explained further on the accompanying pledge card.


Based on recommendations by local Missouri State Representative Allen Andrews, the Board voted to proceed with contacts with other state institutions of higher education to investigate the possibilities of partnerships or joint ventures.  The Board had recently been contacted by one such institution wanting to join with us!


The Board also voted to add to our staff with Johnnie Davis as special assistant to Board President Robert Hughes.  Mr. Davis will working with President Hughes, Board President Linda Brunk Smith, and Vice-President, Academic Affairs, Dr. John Fisher, in completing our applications.  Mr. Davis is highly qualified and the author of the attached document: ‘The Crises in American Education’.


As a result of these actions, the Board of Directors is beginning a national campaign to raise the $250,000.00 or more.  Over $65,000.00 has been raised by the boards of TCAA and Tarkio College and their supporting committees. Now it is time for you to join in.  Please look over the pledge card; make your pledge, no matter what the amount--it all counts--and send it in NOW! We would like first pledge amount fulfilled by Labor Day, if possible, with the second payment in the spring of 2019 if making two payments.  


If you can help us with your time, please let us know by emailing listing your skills.  Please complete the Prospect List (linked) if you can assist us with contacting your fellow alums and mail it to us at Tarkio College,  PO Box 231, Tarkio, MO 64491, or email at  Remember, we are soliciting all emails at that address also.

Founders Campaign Report as of November 27, 2018


What's New From TCAA?? 


Tarkio College Alumni Board has voted to cancel Homecoming 2020, due to COVID-19. All classes, groups and individuals that were scheduled to be honored this year will be honored at Homecoming 2021. Dillon Kremer, our TCAA scholarship winner, will receive his award at this time. Meanwhile, we pray for the safety of our Tarkio College family, and we will celebrate in 2021! Your continued support by paying your dues keeps TCAA alive and well. Set Fire!


Linda Brunk  Smith ’65  is returning as president of TCAA.  Myrna Montgomery Vardeman ’74 is now the vice-president.  A complete list  of your  officers  and directors  will be updated shortly.  The dues post cards were released August 1st.  Please do your part in supporting the  Association.  Your dues  are separate from any TC fund raising.



We are late posting this information, but on  December 20, 2018, Robert  Hughes ’71 resigned as President of Tarkio College because of health  reasons.  Linda Brunk  Smith ’65 also  resigned, for other reasons, that same day as President of the Tarkio College Board as well as her TC board membership. Both Linda and Bob remain on the Tarkio College Alumni Board, and Linda still serves as your publicity chair and editor of the Phoenix.


Johnnie Davis (non-alum) has been selected as Interim President of Tarkio College, and Don Jagger ’70 is the new chairman of the TC Board of Directors.  Muriel Sugar Tosh ’71 and Roger Claypool ’78 are TCAA’s representatives on the TC Board. 


Wayne Gelston '71 is resigning as president of  the alumni association.  His replacement will be selected at  the August 2019 meeting. At that time, we will post the new officers and directors for you. Please join the Board in thanking Wayne for his service and loyalty.


Your board has been actively revamping our by-laws and standing rules. This has been a MAJOR undertaking, and special thanks must go out to Sheridan Mires ‘78, board secretary, for her guidance and persistence in getting this job done.


This has been a time of adjustment for both TC and TCAA, as TCAA no longer owns the  campus and is now merely a tenant of parts of Rankin Hall; however, this frees TCAA up from the overwhelming burden of campus upkeep. The campus looks nice. Work continues on  Thompson Library, now the Thompson Learning Center, as well as other buildings that will be used for tech classes. Rankin continues to need attention, especially the roof. TC has recently  stabilized the 23 windows in Rankin, which desperately needed it, for which we are grateful.  Stair access to Rankin is being addressed, and as we know more, we will  let you  know more. Parking lot access must be addressed also.


Alumni Weekend 2019 (Homecoming) was an outstanding success. Thanks go to Muriel for  heading that up for us.  Special thanks go to the men of Alpha Sig (and Eleanor) for providing all of the special music over the weekend. We look forward to you next year too. If you did not  hear the folk concert by Norm Siegel  71, you missed out on a lot. Thanks, Norm!  Fireworks are still pending as we had  a complete washout! Alumni Weekend is always the weekend after Father’s Day, so  join us next year,June 26-28, 2020.


Dues postcards will be released in early August. THIS IS THE MAIN TCAA FUND RAISER FOR THE YEAR!!  It is separate from any fund raising by TC. We need your support  to  continue alumni activities and maintain our office. If you like our FB postings and this website, we need for you to join us with your dues, and we thank you.



Thank you for tuning  into the  Tarkio College Alumni  Association’s website.


The campus was deeded over from the Alumni Association to the Tarkio College corporation in March 2019. TC now has full responsibility for campus upkeep. TCAA is being allowed to use second floor Rankin for our offices and museum. We still have access to the Chapel also, so if you want to rent it, please contact the Association, and we will coordinate with TC.


TC is moving forward with establishing tech programs first before a return to academics as a separate division. The application for such has  been submitted  to the Missouri Board of Higher Education and is STILL pending. It is hoped that this will get TC up faster and easier, followed by expansion into other areas. TC was successful in raising the initial goal of $250,000 for  their Founder’s Fund.


If you are not getting regular broadcast mails from us, it is because we do not have your email address. Please correct that by filling out the Subscribe form or completing the Change of Address icon, both of which are on the left side of this page. You may also contact us at  We post regularly on Facebook under the group Tarkio College Alumni Association. Please join us there! Our telephone number is 660-736-4208 (leave a message).


We invite you to join us for Homecoming 2020, June 26-28. If we have your address, you will receive a written invitation. Updated news of this and other events are on this website. Tune in regularly.


Through the hard work of your fellow alumni, Rankin Hall has had major renovation.  The Chapel is available for rent for special occasions. Thompson Hall has had a major renovation also and is ready for classes. We still need to complete the second floor, but the main floor is ready for classes with furniture, computers, etc. Come visit us and take a look. 


It’s time to SET FIRE again!




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