Tarkio College Seal


On December 17th, 1935, by vote of the student body, the owl was adopted as the official emblem of Tarkio College. The owl symbolizes Tarkio spirit through the years in Tarkio's tradition. Typifying wisdom and prowess, it is an emblem worthy of the college.



Get there!
Rain or snow!
Set Fire!
Fing Yongi, tear up the earth!
Hob Gob Tamale.
Hey rube!

College Fight Song

Fight on for old TC
Our men fight on to victory!
Our alma mater dear, looks up to you.
Fight on and win for old TC
Fight on to victory!
Fight On!

Alma Mater
(to the tune of Old Harvard)

As Tarkio Students, our tribute we bring,
In praise of our college, so dear
Our hearts with devotion and constancy flame,
As we wish her the best of good cheer.
Our mistress in knowledge, the guide of our days,
As lore of the ancients we seek;
She hold a fond place in the depths of our hearts,
And a lasting allegiance shall keep.

She rules like a queen with a scepter of light,
Imparting a message of life.
A spirit of honor, a spirit of truth,
A spirit of peace, not of strife.
She calls on her sons, and her daughters each one
To live and to serve in her name.
Their devotion to God, and their service to men,
Fulfill all her longing for fame.


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