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Charles "Chuck" McAdams Memorial Scholarship
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Statement of Purpose

With the dissolution of Tarkio College as a degree-granting institution, we the Tarkio College Alumni Association, Inc. wish to perpetuate the name of Tarkio College and the 'Tarkio Experience' by establishing an annual scholarship for the children and/or grandchildren of Tarkio College graduates to attend either an accredited undergraduate baccalaureate or graduate institution in the United States of America.


This scholarship shall be awarded without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, or national origin. All scholarship recipients must be directly related to Tarkio College graduates as either sons, daughters, or grandchildren.  Verification will be made by the submission of a Tarkio College graduation certificate, and a birth certificate of the scholarship candidate. All undergraduate scholarship candidates must have graduated from an accredited United States high school or have a certificate of graduation from a local school district, if home schooled, and verify the same with an official transcript. All graduate scholarship candidates must have completed a Baccalaureate degree from an accredited United States college or university and verify same by submission of an official transcript.

Scholarship Announcement and Publication

The Charles "Chuck" McAdams Memorial Scholarship amount and number of scholarships will be announced annually at the September Association meeting and through the Association's publication, the Alumni Facebook Page. Scholarship recipients choosing to attend Tarkio Technical Institute will receive an additional amount. The Association's scholarship committee will provide applications and eligibility information upon request.


Tarkio College Alumni Association Selection Procedure

The scholarship committee shall consist of a chairperson who will be a member of the Alumni Association's Board of Directors appointed by the President of the Association, and two (2) Alumni Members appointed by the chairperson. The deadline for filing scholarship applications will be March15.  The committee will review all applications and by majority vote select the scholarship recipient(s) no later than May 1.  Names of the recipient(s) will be announced at the annual September Association meeting.  The children and grandchildren of the members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and all members of the Scholarship Committee are ineligible for scholarships under this plan during the time the parent or grandparent is serving as a Board or Committee member.


On behalf of the scholarship recipient, The Tarkio College Alumni Association, Inc. shall award a nonrecurring one time scholarship in the amount determined previously by the Board of Directors per recipient paid directly to an accredited college or university within the United States of America.  Said payment will be split such that one half of the award will be applied to the first semester and the other half applied to the second semester, unless the winner has only one semester left before graduation. Proof of a C average must also be submitted to the Alumni Association before the second semester's payment is made.  If the scholarship holder should withdraw from said academic institution prior to completion of the school year for which the scholarship was granted, the recipient will reimburse Tarkio College Alumni Association, Inc. the full amount of the scholarship.


Applications are due Marsh 15, 2022. No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.

Scholarship Application Form


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